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Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is a rare post.

It was an unusual day seeing a parcel sent to my address. It reached me thick, and a lil bit distorted, perhaps the way the postman handle it. I lifted it, quite heavy and I could see undone sellotapes sealed the envelope cleavage. "aida the pink goddess" was written at the front and I just knew right from there whom it was from.

I excitedly ripped the package just like kid experiencing his first birthday. Of all that I thought what would be inside, it was THIS!

Literally made from a used jeans. Got embroidery somemore! The belt looks like it was custom made for the bag! Can't be any matching!


A gorgeous-chic, hand made denim hand bag by B! I was so excited and I quickly flaunt it in front of Mom. The scent made me miss the sender badly. I wonder how much perfume did he spray on it. The gift somehow made me blushing to the core. It made me feel shameful being a woman of not having such talent to match, let alone to beat his. Now, this completes the package, he cooks, he draws, and he sews! A bag! I wonder someday its not impossible if he would come up with a self made shoes! oh oh oh. As much as I'm eyeing a Jimmy Choo, it really made my day when I received a full-effort hand made bag from Baby Boo! see it rhymes! heheh..

I was amazed with the neatly done zip!

And not forgotten, it has lining, making it at par with the commercial handbags!

But that was not all, B included a beautiful self made card with a comic twist! It melted me in seconds. huuhu

This brings me down to the time when courting years are about making your partner stuff with your own hand and arty side, whereelse now, almost all are purchased and the sense of uniqueness is no longer there!

Thank u b, I think that's is soo sweet & I heart u

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Aida The Pink Goddess said...

bukan ubaidah da kasi tunjuk akak ka?

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