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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Experience of A Bajau Wedding

After 1 week of their previous ceremony in Kota Kinabalu, kakak held another wedding ceremony (her husband's side in Kota Belud). The ceremony was executed accordingly to Bajau custom. I drove my Kelisa :8) on my own cuz Iffah (the bridesmaid) has to be early there.

"Usungan" -The Bride & Groom were carried on this to the hall, escorted by 31 horses! I fail to capture any of the horses photo :(

Gorgeous3x Bajau Dais

Family -aaaa, tis time around i'm included

Unique: kuih cincin, pinjaram, kuih jala arranged to form this

The Bride and the maid

After the Majlis, we decided to drop by @ Salut for some Lokan Bakar & Puding Kelapa..Yummy!

Abah cracked a joke: "Amik pic spek diorang jak" XD

"Fear factor2",ujar Abah
Yummy altho it didn't depic tht way

Iffah & Siti, sweet2 girls

"Satu lagi", pinta penulis blog IkanStim

somebody wants a taste of the Lokan too! ;)

2 chemistry(s):

Riena said...

Sesungguhnya aku sgt terkilan sambil menelan air liur jak...

Inang said...

erm.. tgk pic nie, terubat rindu dgn Salut@kelapa bakar.. dah lama xjejak kn kaki ke sana.. :D

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