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Monday, September 17, 2012

Travelling Alone with An Infant

I have just got back from SIL's wedding reception in KL, it was a very short trip considering I reached KL at 4 am!!yesterday(after a filthy delay) and now i am bound for Kk at 630 am, blogging on board :)

I did not want to go to where my flight was delayed from 810pm - 1 am, i better try to get over with it and make some useful entry instead.

After raya homecoming last month, this is my 2ndtime travelling alone with Ayra, so I would love to share some travelling tips with 1st time travelers who has to travel alone with infant. And I expect some tips from you guys too!

Always prepare beforehand what is essential as follows:

1. Milk (ready & stock at least 3 extra servings)o lupa nk mention this tips are applied for flights less than 3 hrs journey
2. Diapers (at least 3 pieces)
3. Clothes to change ( 2 pieces)
4. Ointment
5. Mini termos for hot water ( for FM mommy)
6. Lots of napkins
7. Wet tissues
8. Try to avoid flights at odd hours that mess up with your child'sleeping time, she will be cranky and troublesome
9. Avoid hand carry luggage, trust me minimize what you have in your hands! You wish you have 3 hands by now! (my handbag can contain all of item 1-7, so try to carry big handbag)
10.It's better to travel with stroller than carrier
11. In the flight, if you have no basinet, try to identify vacant seats in a row and change in the mid of the flight
12. Make sure your baby is in her new diaper right before the flight
13. Do not forget earplugs, if you do, ask you baby to suck on milk upon taking off and landing
14. Dress up practically. Wear your most comfortable outfit and shoes, Don't pull off a posh spice unless you have an entourage of nannies after you! If possible, try to wear top with pocket so that you have easy access to your ic and boarding pass
15. Try to choose aisle seat.
16. Lastly, pray that you have a considerate passenger beside you!:)

P/s: A well behaved baby is a bonus!!

6 chemistry(s):

abu ubaidah said...

hahaha lawak ayra

Anonymous said...

Awww comey ayra.. was just wondering, are u fully breastfeeding ur baby? if u do, hv u ever experienced direct-feeding your baby on board and is it practical to do so? cam org tgk2 x ms selak baju? i am just gaining some tips and experiences from mommies yg bf baby ye :) thanks in advance!

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

i cant imagine if i have to travle alone with nasuha. kamek duak ke tesco berbeli barang g saya berkepong ngan nya..

Anonymous said...

cute Ayra..was she well-behaved during d trip? hehe

oh, addition to the tips :
if ur baby had started eating (6 mnths ++), it's better to feed her earlier before boarding n always have baby's snack together with d milk. her favorite food is better, n make it light n handy. like my son, he loves watermelon so much. so i prepared a small-chopped watermelon. when he gets cranky or hungry, i offer him d fruit n instantly he'll sit silently enjoying it. but must also be prepare if they get uneasy ..don't make'em over-full plak nnt vomit during long journey.

Ano : i'm a fully bf mom n alhamdulillah, i never have any major difficulty to bf my son on first mmg feel a bit awkward or malu to bf our child publicly, but after a while u'll master d skill n get use to it. i always bring my baby's blanket in my handbag, so whenever he wants bf anywhere (providing there's no bf-ing room available) i'll just use the blanket as cover. people usually are understanding n didnt mind to see mom bf their baby, but if there shall be people who give weird look, i'll just ignore. as long as my aurat is covered n my baby get to bf, anyone else's look is not important to me. n hubby must always support his bf wife ya.

if u're a direct feeding mom, always make sure u wear comfortable cloth that is easy to be uncover for bf purpose (front button blouse /wide neck shirt) n hijab-wearer mommies are even easier to bf coz hijab helps to cover more when u're bf-ing.


Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yup, for BFing, i just go simple and easy by just wearing button shirt and my hijab to cover.

So far ayra is well behaved during her 1st 2 flight, i hope she remains that way coz there's gonna be a lot more trips to go!

Kristen J.Chew said...

Thanks for sharing... I'm new Mamma and will travelling alone too. I just want to ask if we're allowed to bring water on board. (I wondering about it since there's a policy no liquid to bring after boarding)

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