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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Story of My Delivery...Part 1

On my 39 weeks and 5 days, I went for my weekly check up as usual at Klinik Pakar. Never that I expected I am then ordered to be admitted the next day because the specialist refuse to grant another post 10 days after my EDD.

Day 1

On the 10th of May, I registered at 10 am, accompanied by Mak and B. I admit it, i felt so helpless and dependent and scared I wanted B to be with me along the way. Upon admission, CTG and VE were performed and I was already 2cm dilated. (sila google apa shotpom2 tu ye.. hehe)

So, the waiting game began. I was admitted and CTG was performed 6 hourly, still I felt 0 pain.. 

The team had plans for me: to induce me if my progression is not helping. They wanted to pop my waterbag and induce me with pitocin if I still show no progress. Another VE was done and I was already 3cm dilated....

Day 2

Still, I felt no pain at all, I pitied my husband, he looked so bored and tired accompanying me all through. At 3pm, another VE was done and I am still 3cm, no progress. :( Kecewa... Still B was not keen of me being induced.. 

At 3pm, kena seluk lagi, and I was at my 4th cm already, yeay, the team decided to give natural contraction a try since I was entering my active phase. The doctor said I can be admitted to labor ward anytime soon...

Ripen.. 40 weeks..

5 chemistry(s):

syitah said...

moga semua selamat dan lancar :)

Ema said...

kak aida.. moga semuanya selamat.. my pray goes along with u :)

Anonymous said...

tahniah kak aida.. :)

iffah imani said...

tahniah moga semua selamat dan lancar :)

icha said...

tahniah..baru hari kedua dah tulis blog?? hebat.. saya dua kali bersalin, dua kali induce..sakit ;)

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