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Thursday, April 26, 2012

10, 9, 8, 7, 6....

Now that I am at my 38 weeks (phew) lets down count the day with my final pregnancy experiences. Yes, all the trivial that I'd love to share (that you don't even ask hhehe)..

1. One obvious behavior of mine was severe craving for food NOT! It's shopping!!When I say shopping, it's not necessary purchasing but a stroll at a shopping complex, supermarket is suffice to pacify. It must be hormonal or something. Like seriously. But, when I read this and this, phew, I know I am not alone  >_< .Trust me, I have no particular craving for food like I have always visioned a pregger would have. I eat normally.

2. Ice cold drinks. I just can't do without an Ice Cold drink, I know, as much as you're now preparing to type me a comment of how bad this habit is, please be in the know that this came during my pregnancy period, before I got married, iced cold drink is taboo in my regime, so don't blame me for being pregnant! :) And I must have my daily dosage of a tumbler of Ice cold Ribena, full with ice!!!

3. Severe inclination, addiction towards pink! Captain obvious is here! I love pink, but when am pregnant it's more like a drug addict. Replace drug with pink. I must get myself pink stuff everyday if not every week, even for my workplace (I do some designings for banners/backdrops, my colleagues will have to reject some that are too pink for them) haha. For pink-haters, combing through my closet is fatal for you! haha

4. Kaki berjalan. I think this comes hand-in-hand with no 1 but no 1 applies to online shopping too, berjalan here means, I can't stay at home especially when B is working, I must2 go out and walk, I hope it'll pretty much assist in my labor later. huhuhu

Anyways, that's all I can think of right now, will write more, if this baby M still decide to stay longer in mommy's tummy. :)

Oh ya, my 1st food craving (well, at least) for my pregnancy:

Horlicks Mcflurry, I did some survey in FB, and I got all 100% +ve comment. One even said this "ohsem tahap Meracau" hahaha, 

2 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

sy dolok mala ngerobok peti ais bercarik ngan ais.. nang rs nak ngempak ais jak2.. sampei sigek tahap kasyfi ngerobok mulut sy k tangan nya nyuruh sy ngeluar ais ya.. hahhaa

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

sy penah nangis di restoran depan org rami sbb abu x srh sy order aek ais. ahaha sampey kenak kerobok. hhaha

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