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Friday, March 9, 2012


Something funny but serious happened yesterday. I usually buy cloths and bring them home, hide them for a while before I sort them out with B. Kira beli dulu cakap kemudian la. Yesterday. Just right after I bought a huge amount of tops (they are on salee! and the fact that my tummy has a life of its own, baju yang muat 2 hari lepas hari ni dah tak muat, am not kidding seriously) I hid them at one corner of my closet. Deep corner. I swear I am gonna tell B after that. But something unexpected happened. While I was arranging hangers in my closet, the bar fell off, and I cried help from B.

" Banyak sangat dah baju ni, tu la berat" he said while combing my clothes towards the 'deep corner'
"Apa ni plastik banyak2 ni?" T_____________T

"Baju la, SALE! memang nk bagitau pun..." was my standard answer

And he kept telling me I am kantoi, kantoi, kantoi after that. Haha.

Moral of the story:
1.Never hide anything from your husband or mother.
2.Telling after you've done it is totally different from asking for permission, TET!! haha

Red circle: The spot where I hide my things. Guilty!

I wish I have this kind of dressing table/divider/closet/wallpaper in my room!

10 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

i think everyone is addicted to online shopping now... hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...


cikbedahlaser said...

setuju.. setiap kali buat kerja blkg suami/mak/bos sure jadi sesuatu yg akhirnya kena mnt tlg dorg balik..

kena bgtau awal-awal juga.. hehehe

Neeja Ami said...

kak Aida, kdai sukan ur BIL ada printing shirt?

Liyana said...

online shopping lg murah kot :)

Ema said...

boleh ka macam tu kak aida.. haha..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...


NEEJA: yup he has that service.

Neeja Ami said...

Wahhhh course sy ada program april sy btanggungjwb dsign n urus everything psal shirt...
usually rate per shirt (with nama sulam n ums logo) brpa ya?

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

neeja: y don't you like his FB (from the Farid Sports House banner kat atas blog ni) and deal with hime directly?tkt sy silap info pulak. aight? tq!

Kak Biena said...

Kah kah kah! Nang jak kantoi! Me always kantoi hid my stuff in the car! A month later then tell ... Hehehehe!

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