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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Supermarket ; Lagu Tema: Never Say Never

If anyone should ask me what is my favourite place, my answer is Supermarket!! Supermarket is something like Giant, Ta Kiong, Tesco.. hehe Purchasing is not necessary, just browsing aisle by aisle enough to make my day. I have yet discover the factor but the supermarket ambiance make me unexplainable happy. I can spend hours in big supermarket examining the stuffs while filling my cart but I have one bad habit, I am very2 indecisive towards the counter, I tend to put back most of my things, do you guys have the same habit? he Everytime I go out, I make it a must to drop by any supermarket as a closure to my outing. Did I tell you, if I am sick, just take me to the supermarket, and I will recover right thereafter. hahaha

It's school holiday and yes, it's season for wedding too. Today I attended a family friend's wedding, quite far from my place. This wedding is 100% free from vendor and caterer. It overwhelmed me to see how the villagers had their hands together, bonding strongly like a family. Everyone knew their own task, and everything is well prepared and completed before my eyes. Amazing. Hats off to them.

 Pulut Kuning & Telur. If u give eggs during wedding, its a symbol of fertility :)
Yours truly and Mak
 Nope, this is not the groom, this is the Bride's brother who apparently had serious letting go issue, He cried along the ceremony and this is his parents calming him.. Aawww....

 The Bride (in white ahaha)... Pelamin yg comel

The newly wed, May you find solace in each other Ameeeen :)

3 chemistry(s):

abu ubaidah said...

happy supermarketing baby!! hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

hahahhaaha ok b!

nurilahi said...

salam sis aida..i da view ur case amazing!!wowww...u mampu kurangkan berat badan yang terlalu banyak..really motivate me..please..saya sekarang sedang nak menguruskan berat badan..dengan ketinggian 158cm n berat 56kg...nak sangat2 kurangkan berat sehinnga 50kg..i da baca ur post kat blog mr kevin..rasanya tak cukup dengan apa yang i baca...please..i really need ur guide..buatla entry kat blog u sal nak kuruskan badan n jangan lupa masukkan gambar2 you dulu masa gemuk..hihihi..if u tak nak..just email me n explain what uhv done to lose ur weight sebanyak email nak tea tu yang produk apa berkesan?..i da follow ur blog..-aisyah-..thanks sis..

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