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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nazrin Arif & Aida Thepinkgoddess; Lagu Tema: Cant Take My Eyes Off You

What tops my priorities while in KK? Of course visiting B's place. It is more exciting knowing Arif is there! Arif is B's nephew. He's a month to one year old and can't be any cuter! Arif is full of expressions and his antics never failed to entertain us. Hehehe 

After visiting Arif, Ika had to attend to my Mom's quest of Kicap Cap Ayam (ni betul2 cap ayam) and compulsory visit to Kaison aka paradise. hehe We decided to drop by the famous Perdana Park and Tanjung Aru afterwards because Mak craved for sweet corn. 

Just few minutes we were at Tg Aru, suddenly the weather changed face. Thunder came and everyone was running for their lives to their car. Seriously that chaos was petrifying, yaa considering the it was just by the sea and we were actually running from an open sea combing waves that just keep accumulating to form bigger ones! Since EVERYONE was escaping, the entrance became bottlenecked. We were stationary without even an inch shifting for 45 minutes! Our flight back is only an hour away, so we had to SOS akak for help. huhu. Luckily they opened the back exit. 

One day after the trip all three of us (ika, mak n me) down with food poisoning. Mak got the worst. We were trying to track back our food. haha..

Me and Mama Arif yg tak mcm mama langsung!
Kk dah ada choo-choo!! boleh la buat vc Somewhere in brooklyn ni.haha Lawak teringat kisah kereta Ika stuck kat railway. hahaha 

Adakah ini contribute to our food poisoning? Apa2 pun worth kena fp sebab sedap hahahaha

Anyways, KK trips never failed me, I love KK so so so much!

3 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

mun makan nyaman2 n kenak fp nang worth! huhu. dah sy suka fp sebab pasya rs kurus. wahaha

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ktk duak anaa dolok apahal bah fp?

Datu Nazrin Arif said...

mmg lokan tu yg buat fp. aritu newly wed, isterinya mati sehari lepas makan lokan. fp jugak. byk kes dah. better lepasni hati2. make sure org tu cuci bersih2 & masak semasaknya.

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