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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Am not done with the engagement pics yet

For the past few days, mom kept bugging me to develop my engagement photos. Cuz she does not believe in soft copies. Since I left KK the next day after the ocassion, I did not manage to get photos from Biena's Mcbook. Thus, the only file I have in keep is the the DSLR version. Mom being conservative, she is yet ready to accept DSLR's artistic angles and blurry effects...
"Nakpa gambar camtok, sik puas mak nangga" of what she uttered.
I obey and demand sis to email me her Leica's version and same goes to Aifa.

My other friend (Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls) Aza has been in Kuching for good, so, I decided to visit her to get pics cum gossiping and catching up.hehe..lamak da sik lepak umah Aza...we used to park at her place during SPM, kononnya nak study..he...I saw Montok (aza's very2 old cat, 15 years human years rasanya za o??), yep she's a lil bit senile dah.

What's interesting about Aza's place is.....they serve aek soya! hehe Even for Hari Raya, you can choose Soya Bean or Sundrop. They do not serve aek menet (carbonated drinks).Very the sihat... biasalah, anak badminton coach.hehe

Here are some pics from Aza's camera


2 chemistry(s):

AiFA Cho-CHang said...

oh darl!
hate you for lepak-ing at aza's place without me! hate both of you~ aaaa... jealous!

oh, this entry is a reminder for me to send those photos to you... huhu ;p

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

hehehe...we talked about u tho.ehehe...

we looked at our then pics (as usual) hahaha...

ya2..antar2 jgn sik hantar.he

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