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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


May, June and July are the months when I become officially broke! Starting with Ayra's birthday, mother's day in May, B's , nepehew's Birthday , Father's day in June and Anniversary in July. But nothing can top the fun and togetherness and love we have from all the celebrations. It's ok the purse runs dry as long as Love fills up the moment. Pfft. haha

Since we are staying on our own there'll be at least 2 different celebration for each. Imagine.that. So, for B's birthday this month, actually I planned it earlier but something came up in the middle of the preparation so it screwed up everything altogether! 

I decided to splurge on the gift itself for this year, and mellow down on the celebration. Nevertheless, there must be a theme, since Man of Steel premiers on his birthday, so Superman it is.

I never thought looking for an S logo tshirt is this difficult along with the showing of the Man of Steel. Every shop we went was running out of the S logo tshirt. I am lucky to be able to find one and luckier we could find one for Ayra!

And the for the cake, for Secret Recipe, the order must be placed at least 4 days prior to the day. But I got lucky the accept it 2 days before! ahahaa
This is on-the-day celebration. Notice my baju kurung and B's working attire

This is a combined celebration of B and his nephew. BBQ and Pool pary at in law's . The kids enjoyed it so much!
The day when I decided to go pinky! ahaha. This tote is too pink to resist! he

And on the 13th of June, apart from B's birthday, it was also the premiere of Man of Steel! Gila kau premier tak tengok! So we dared ourselves to watch the midnight show. B reached home at 8 and there is still ample time to rest and we went off at 1030. I surrendered at last infact all us three slept through out the movie. SO it is not fair for me to give out review, because technically I didn't watch that movie! hahaha It's ok, we'll try to patch it up later. 
Whatever it is, Mons U is a must watch movie!

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