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Ayra Maysaa

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pink Ayra Maysaa?

Knowing me, feminine is my middle name, pink, frills, lace, ruffles, ribbons, flowers describe me best. When it comes to Ayra, people expect me to do the same since the moment they knew I bore a girl. But they are wrong. Ironically, I actually loath girls who are too girly, in my defense, I am not too girly, I just love pink. So I want to sideline the obvious for Ayra, I want her to be the simplest, less is more, laid back type of lady, you know, hipster kind. Furthermore, according to B, girls who loves pink are usually gedik. Sorry that you are married to one B. :/

Ayra is not the baby with thick lock, so she is mistaken to be a baby boy everytime. And my sister always complain that I never dress Ayra up like a girl, a real baby girl, with dress, headbands and such. So yesterday, I decided to play dress up with Ayra. She's thriving now, so most of her girly2 attire fit her already.

Ayra, all ready for iftar

Few minutes later,....

ya ku malas.........

7 chemistry(s):

Joanne Juend said...

as far as I could remember, u never were gedik. he he..

azazmidah said...

ya ku malas - ayat sarawakian yang i like the most ;)

cindyrina said...

hahahaha mummy dia dah malas layan ...kecian dia

alynah.rai.gorilla said...

haritu iftar di 1B nampak aida dgn husband and baby ayra! :D headband ayra comel..

misz shygurl said...

Salam perkenalan,

Hehe, iya sy faham tu selalunya baby x berapa suka ada something kat kepala, mesti mau kacau2...hehehe ^_^

Comel la ur baby.. :-)


Biena said...

Mwahhaa Ayra!! High-5 ngen Wa!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Joanne tq

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