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Friday, July 6, 2012

Ayra's First Flight

We are now in KK!! Ayra definitely has a lot to tell about her first flight! Significant for her as her first and the fact that we are delayed or more to stranded at the airport for a good 7 hours, and surprisingly it was by MAS. The flight's delay was announced right after we entered the departure and that was when our waiting game began. You know the delay was bad when they began to ask you to claim meal coupon and so did we. Initially we were informed the flight will take off at 10:40am, (original time is 9am) then, continuous announcement made until we embarked at 2pm after being informed that there was a technical mishap with our aircraft and we had to wait for a substitute.

Ayra's been a very good girl along the way, she only woke up for nenen and nappy change. Nappy changing room in KIA was miserable, please2 do something about it, they treated it like a store room where I could find mop and pail inside, euwww! And KKIA nappy changing room isn't pleasant as well, it has no matress, pity Ayra :( But this girl of mine was in a very good mood when she was in the flight. She napped all the way and woke up right after the aircraft hit the pad. Like seriously, maybe because of the shake.

Ayra's first flight ticket

At the Airport

Nak berangkat

Nappy changing room in KKIA yang takde matress :/

Seriously berat hati nak pegi kerja and hantar Ayra ke nanny/nursery.. :(

7 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

cute nyaa ayra! sapa jaga ayra lak dood? sik berasa dah 2 months dah eh, dah nak start keja dah..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yalah tek, huhu, maybe antar ke nursery or wife staff sy di INTAN kuarters.

mrs. rahman said...

ok lah kalau kat kuaters ada yang nak jaga ayda. KAt kiara, nursery for kids yang dah boleh jalan & baby sitter kuarters sume full... sobss...

Anne Nurain said...

comelnya ayra..
mesti susah kan klu baby meragam dalm flight?hehe..

Anonymous said...

dah abis pantang erk?

Siti Nurbaya said...

Salam Aida,
Ayra sgt kiuttt.. KIA pun nappy--changing room masa kmk mok pakei, xda berlampu (hu, sabar jak lah). KLIA pun juak yg best.. siap ada toilet gik dlm nappy changing room ya, kot2 mak baby pun mok changing, hehe.. since that, jadi tabiat kmk ncarik nappy changing room anywhere i go, wpun kdg x berperlu punn..oh, cuba ktk beli first year nappy changing mat fold-n-go, lbh kurg rm50 gia kali (kmk x beli, org berik), mat ya ada pad yg nipis, jd x lah tedah gilak ngga baby gurin x btilam mun bertukar di tempat2 yg x djangka :)

Shaa said...

Poplook top elliot blouse nak??? Hihi

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