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Friday, December 9, 2011

Don't you just hate the sound of people cutting grass???

The least thing you want to happen to you during your pregnancy is to fall ill because your worst fear factor will come along-to take medication, lets be honest, it's a horror for any pregnant mothers out there to take any form of pills, tablets, capsules other than folic acid, true? even it's prescribed by the best GP. Suddenly you don't trust any GPs out there. 

Well, I caught fever the last 3 days, yes like other expecting mother, I try my best to avoid medication, there goes my endless home-bound remedies, but, they just didn't work!! On Tuesday, I woke up to a feverish state that I took EL. Boredom had made me recover (aha!) but it was short-lived. On Wednesday, after work, I felt congested at my chest that I had to stop by Ika's office to take 5. Come night, the real deal kicked in, I am +ve fever with nasty sore throat. B forced gave me panadol and patted soaked towel to control my temperature and not to forget made me sniff minyak kapak. I felt all fine in the morning and confident that I was fit to work. 

The full blast aircond at my office sure didn't co-operate with my condition. My sore throat worsen. I self-examined my throat and consult B. But B insisted to look by himself. I googled and this is how exactly my throat looked like.....

with history of tonsillitis this is so expected from me

30 minutes with full blast aircond, and the sound of a fellow cutting grass (don't u just HATE the sound of orang potong rumput, it brings me back to the days bunyi tu mesti ada time pagi weekend masa kecik2 arghh!!) just below my office made me see circles. I just couldn't take it anymore so I went to the nearby clinic.

He is the one whom I go for my pregnancy check ups, so he is in the knowledge of I am pregnant. He said all the medicine he prescribed is edible and safe for pregnancy, still I go and check at wahaha! The doctor even scared me shared how a pregnant lady who was in her 40th week lost her baby when she carried on with her high temperature just because she refused to take medicine. All she knew, her baby didn't move anymore and they found he died because of the high temperature.  He granted me a 1 day sick leave, antibiotics, paracetamol and nice,pink,strawberry flavoured lozenges. :)

So far, I feel better now, I hope I can fully recover soon. With this sick body, I am slacking with my daily chores :( Please pray for me ya !

Kthnxbye: Can't wait for my Ombak Rindu date tonight!And also DABAI from mak and the ultimatum: My wedding album from my OP!

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BibiErr Karim said...

Take care Aida! Baby adjusting with the new environment kali. Kan baru transferred. Ngeh.

Ema said...

oh dear.. you better take care of yourself too.... rest enough okie doke?

Aida The Pink Goddess said...


Ema said...


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